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Good morning!

We want to address the email that Rod sent to our congregation last evening about the decisions the church is taking over the next two weeks to love our neighbor well and your important role at Fairfax.

We need your help.

It will be impossible for the Community Life Team to care for all the folks who call Fairfax home during this time of uncertainty. In the midst of caring for yourself and those around you, we need you to keep in close touch with your group. Please check in with them this weekend. Here is some information that we hope is helpful as you care for your folks:

  • Get digital. Find ways to make community with those you will not be meeting in person. The human desire to be in community is incredibly strong. Although a crisis may lead some people to withdraw, it can also be a significant opportunity to pull together and support each other. We can still show up for people through phone calls or digitally. It is not the same as being able to reach out and hold a hand. Yet we are fortunate to have this viable option. You are likely already connected to people on various social platforms, so use them—with care—to offer your support. If you want to bring your group online for meetings, there are many digital platforms that are free so you can hold a check-in or even a full meeting online. Check out Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, and Google Hangouts/Meet. If help is needed, please contact your coach.
  • Listen. As you already know, no matter what turn a crisis takes, one of the most powerful and enduring gifts we can give another is to listen. By listening, we embody the love of God and the love of a wider community. Compassionate listening is exactly what people need when they are faced with the overwhelming, uncontrollable circumstances of a crisis.
  • Big Picture. Help people take the long view in light of anxiety and hardships. Find ways to remind people that God’s loving presence was here before the universe itself, and it will be here long after the universe has passed away. Seeing ourselves as part of a much larger picture offers groundedness and hope. It can help us maintain a sense of hopefulness about God’s loving presence in our lives, even when circumstances threaten to dim our hope.
  • Pray with them and for them. Spoken prayers for people who are anxious and in great need can reshape a situation’s meaning.
  • Ask. If someone is in need physically, emotionally or spiritually, please let us know so we can be part of the care team. We have resources for our church and we can provide other care if needed. Our food pantry will continue in operation and will drop off groceries as needed.
  • Stay in touch. Please let us know how you are doing as well. We want to care well for you at this time too.

Thank you so much for your care of our members. As always our team is available to you 24/7 so reach out soon and often. We will also be checking in on you as well.

Grateful as we serve our mighty God together!

Kathleen, Lynette, Brooke, Jessie, and Alex

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